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Your roof is the most important part of your home and choosing a roofing contractor is no small matter. When you select Ronald W. Johnson to do your roof, you are guaranteed to have in done right. With over 50 years of roofing contractor experience, we know make sure to cover all the details that the other guys miss. Proper installation is absolutely critical to get a long life out of your roof.

We have been a trusted roofing contractor serving the State College since 1963. We look forward to serving you.

  • High Performance Materials
  • WinterGuard™ Underlayment
  • Expert Flashing and Drip Edge
  • Proper Cleanup & Disposal

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The most popular shingle that we install is the Landmark Series™ by Certainteed®. Landmark Series™ is a durable, beautiful color-blended line of shingles. The widest aray of colors to suit any trim, stucco or siding color. Manufactured with self-sealing adhesive strips and a wide nailing zone, larger than competitors for ease of installation so your roofing job is complete in no time.

(17) Available Standard Colors

Download the Landmark brochure to see premium colors

Protection for vulnerable areas…

WinterGuard® waterproofing shingle underlayment is the solution for winning the battle against water penetration in your roof's most vulnerable places. WinterGuard is a composite material of asphalt polymers, formed into a rolled sheet. The asphalt makes it vapor-tight, and the polymers make the asphalt elastic and sticky. This protective barrier is able to stretch and seal around nails driven through it. Placing WinterGuard a minimum of 24" past the interior wall line at the eave provides your first line of defense.

WinterGuard is one of the key components in the CertainTeed Integrity Roof System™ which is comprised of underlayments, shingles, accessory products and ventilation all working together. The Integrity Roof System is designed to provide optimum performance--no matter how bad the weather conditions are. For more information regarding the Integrity Roof System click on the brochure link to the right.

Seamless Gutters

Every roofing job required new gutters and downspouts. We help you make it a one stop shop. We have our own seamless gutter machine that we bring on-site. We use Mastic® aluminum gutter coil. It has long been trusted by gutter specialists across the country to form quality seamless gutters that perform and last, through the harshest conditions.

Choose from (43) Available Colors:

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